Fieldskills Adventures is dedicated to providing top quality adventure travel, remote expeditions and training courses in Sabah, Borneo. If you are looking for adventurous activities such as

  • mountain biking
  • jungle trekking
  • remote camping
  • rock climbing
  • white water rafting

then we are the people to speak to.

We provide itineraries and support for a number of major tour and travel companies abroad. Our agent’s service ranges from assisting school’s educational expeditions to find a worthwhile local project through to designing group adventure travel itineraries or multi activity charity challenges for major UK and Australian clients.

Responsible tourism and safety is always a priority. We ensure that all our staff are qualified, trained and have a vast range of experience. Our aim is to tread lightly, minimise our impact and support the areas we work in and the people we meet.

So if you plan to come to Borneo and get ‘off the beaten track’, then we are the company to talk to.



Simon AmosSimon Amos

Simon has been working in remote locations as an expedition leader and medic for over fifteen years. He has been a consultant to World Challenge Expeditions UK for South American travel and has designed and run over twenty jungle training courses for different organisations including Trekforce Expeditions UK.

With a ten year history as a nurse in London and Nottingham hospitals, Simon holds two nursing qualifications and has gained extensive expedition medic experience ranging from the Himalaya to the Andes and the European Alps.He worked for six years as Operations Manager for Trekforce Expeditions in Central America and South-East Asia and has huge experience in this area where he now lives.

Christine AmosChristine Amos

After graduating from university in Edinburgh, Christine originally worked as an Outdoor Instructor in the UK before becoming an expedition leader. Having led jungle expeditions in Central America and Borneo, Christine is well-versed with the rigors of life in the humid forests of Sabah and Sarawak. She has also spent four years setting up and managing jungle expeditions and specialising in logistics and training.

Christine has travelled extensively in the Americas and Australia between gaining qualifications in canoeing, climbing and caving.

Joe WanJoe Wan

Joe is our logistics man. He has worked for Fieldskills since we opened in 2004 and is responsible for detailed planning of Borneo trips, pricing itineraries, project sourcing and making bookings. However its not unknown for him to be roped into cleaning bikes, driving trucks and even using his musical talents to entertain guests.


Alex AdamAlex Adam

Alex is a Dusun, the oldest of 10 siblings! He started work 1997 as a Tour Coordinator both selling & guiding tours. In 1999 he became a Trainee Guide and was licensed in 2002. He has led tours all over Malaysia including West Malaysia as well as working as a resort representative. In 2007 he was Operations Assistant at a resort near Kinabalu Park handling wildlife expeditions & tours. From 2008 onwards he has worked for Fieldskills Adventures leading many of our holiday tours & mountain biking expeditions.


Henry SapinggiHenry Sapinggi

Henry is a Dusun from Kampung Kiau, a village right at the foot of Mt Kinabalu. This probably explains why he comes from a whole family of mountain guides, including his dad, who was among the first few local guides qualified to lead tourists climbing Mt Kinabalu back in the 50s. Henry started in the tourism industry in 2000 and is one of our most experienced tour leaders. A loveable character with a great rapport with groups and a massive knowledge on the mountain and in the forest.